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Why indian youngsters are crazy for government jobs?

According to the factual data conducted by successive rounds of nationally representative youth surveys conducted by the Lokniti research program “at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) shows that the attraction of government jobs has not shown any signs of declining over the past decade. In fact, the share of youth who prefer a government job has grown slightly to 65% in 2016.”

It’s hard to believe that the RRB (The Railway Recruitment Board)has successfully received more than 25 million applications from aspiring candidates, roughly around 120,000 vacancies in the railway department. The list of applicants includes the PhDs, the postgraduates and employed private sector people. The above statements are the appropriate example of the fact that people are desperately crazy about getting a reliable government job in any department.

The regressive working hours and daily scolding of the boss also make you think, why don’t I prepare hard and get a government job in a reputed field? We know that in some way or the other you also try to achieve prominent positions in the government sector. But do you know what makes a government job so distinctive? With reference to one survey, the preference for government jobs is quite high in the group of college-educated rural youth comprising the percentage of 82%

We have compiled up few reasons that captivates the mindset of youngsters for filling the form of government jobs:

Most of the students take more than one year gap after studies to prepare for the government exams. The rising competition is the whole sole witness of what role government jobs play in the life of growing individuals? 

  • Hefty and regular salary

After the arrival of CoronaVirus, the MNCs are either firing most of the workforce or holding their salaries for some time. However, if you are in the government sector then you don’t have to worry about anything. You will receive your monthly salary at the start of the month. As they will receive their salary on time without any hassle.

In fact, at the time of budgeting, the government always gives proper preference to the government job holding individuals. Looking for a reliable source who can provide you great guidance in the SSC CGL exam? If yes, you can take full guidance from the best platform offering prominent SSC Cgl Coaching Chandigarh.

  • Very less Workload

If we talk about the private sector then you will only get paid if you work daily with full dedication whereas in the government sector the workload is quite less as compared to the government sector. In the private sector you are required to work more than eight hours to avail full salary in the account. Every activity of the employees is monitored by the manager and the boss and if they are not satisfied with the performance then they can surely kick the employee out of the company. Let me tell you that the workload in the government sector is quite negligible as compared to the government sector. 

  • Free Medical Facility 

As we all know, health has become one of the major concerns nowadays. So, now everybody is looking for a field that offers full medical support.  This is because the medical expenses are on a great hike. Whether you are taking medicine for fever or some major diseases, you need to pay their support fee and that fee is enough to restrict people from consulting big hospitals. So, have you imagined if a normal fever can cost you so much what will be the cost of surgery? But let me tell you this consultation can destroy the overall future of your family. 

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So, free medical facilities are one of the main reasons why people usually consider preparing for the government sector. If you have a respectful job in the government sector then your medical expenditure would be zero. So, if the medical facility grabs the first and second positions in your list then you should make your preparation strong as this can motivate you and inspire you to crack upcoming government exams.  


It is evident to know that grabbing a government job is full of various perks but the negative side reveals that the scope of the growth in this sector is far less than the private sector. On the other hand, the private sector might be stressful but this can give you exposure to a wide range of hidden talents. Whether you are preparing for Govt Jobs in Punjab or banking jobs, everything requires full attention and this can only be done if you possess a great skill set with an informed mind.

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