Hoodoo Psychic Ilona Bliss

Blessings to those who read all these words! She is grateful to be an Appointed Minister, Root Worker, and one of the founding Priests of both the British Traditional Witchcraft (launched in July 1999) and Gardiner Wicca. Ilona Bliss is also a trained electoral Celtic Reconstructionist Shamanic Hedgewitch. She is happy to help people of all faiths with their spiritual needs.

Ilona Bliss grew up in a devout Roman Catholic home and has always felt God’s presence. At a young age, she realized that my beliefs were much broader than allowed by Catholicism, so she began researching the world’s religions and spiritual practices. That’s how she discovered rootwork, witchcraft, paganism, and electoral hedging.

All about Psychic Ilana Bliss:

Ilona Bliss comes from a long line of Hungarian farmers who have been gifted with spiritual and herbal healing. Ilona Bliss is a claimant and a claimant. She grew up learning to use everything green and herbs from the moment she could put her hands in the mud. Her favorite magic tool is Tarot with which she has been working for over 30 years. I also use other decks, pendulums, and runs.

Illona Bliss bought my first deck of tarot cards when she was 11 years old. She started reading for friends right after that and she had many strong experiences which strengthened me that there is indeed a great, charitable power that guides us. She also had dangerous situations, so she began learning how to clean, remove, and protect as quickly as possible. As a result, some of my specialties are house cleaning, stress relief, spiritual home security, and blessings.

Her father practiced hypnosis in medical settings and parties and taught me when she was interested. This is an exercise she has continued throughout her life. She has studied with a licensed hypnotherapist to further my knowledge.

At age 27, she gave up a terrible post-surgical opium addiction. She sent a spiritual cry for help and Lord Shiva, Quan Yin, and Papa Ligba answered it. Ilona Bliss worked hard for eight months to quit working with these three gods. She is taken to work at the crossroads and through my healing process to work in the cemetery and I still do this deeply. Ilona Bliss taught yoga full-time for six years, thanks to my healing miracle.

She signed up for Miss Kate’s Hoodoo Routework Correspondence Course in 2019 and graduated in 2021. Over the years, Illana Bliss received spiritual training from teachers, including Lady Marion, Lady Mary, and many British traditional and Celtic eclectic queens. She has also performed rituals and taken workshops from Raven Grimassi, Sharania, Marie K. Greer, Thalassa, Hexiba Theox, Drew Ward, and others.

Ilona Bliss has also been trained in Renaissance astrology and practiced Hellenistic Astrology. She enjoys making custom astrological amulets to give my clients the energy they are looking for.

Hoodoo psychics Ilana Bliss especially likes using psalms, working with angels, lighting, using herbs, and making custom mojo, baths, and oils. I am very blessed to help clients improve their situation whenever possible. I look forward to helping you lead a better life.

How Do You Help Me Improve My Energy Game?

Ilana Bliss first offers guidance from tarot or runes, old and reliable sources, to read the energy around people and situations. I was born into a promising family, Ilona Bliss a claimant and she likes to help others see the way more clearly. Then, depending on your needs, she can write ritual baths, custom oils, candle burning, and much more to help move the energy around you in a more positive direction

Do you have an era of misfortune that you want to turn into good? Have you been cursed and want to get rid of this nonsense? Do you need treatment services from an experienced professional? and Do you want the path to success and happiness to be more open for you?

Do you want success in love? Do you want spiritual protection to back up your physical safety precautions? Would you like to have a neutral outlook on your life situation with friendly, positive guidance? I can help you with all these and more. We will work together to find a solution that works for you.

  • When was the last time you treated yourself to a spiritual cleansing bath?
  • Do you want to see more money, love, luck, success, and happiness in your life?
  • Is someone causing trouble in your life and you want them to leave you alone?
  • I offer Hoodoo services for all of these situations and more. I use Mojo Hand for psalms, traditional oils, herbs, roots, and sprays, to light candles, and for good luck, success, healing, luck, love, purity, protection, and much more!

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