What are the best books for UPSC Ethics Integrity and Aptitude?

Learn the strategy for answer writing in ETHICS (GS IV) through Q&A session with one of the best faculty of Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary. Ethics Integrity and Aptitude can help as the most scoring subject in Civil Services Mains Examination. There are many aspirants who secured marks higher than expected in GS 4.

Ethics is the most rewarding section in general studies where marks can easily surpass 125+. If a proper strategy is followed in which there is a good admixture of classes. Notes, books and daily answer writing practice sessions. EDEN IAS Ethics with Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary
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Lexicon covers all of the subjects included within the course. A candidate is advised to finish at minimum two case studies within the course of a week, as this will provide enough preparation for ethics. Current events can be found from various sources.

It is the Press Information Bureau PIB is the best source for the latest news. The news releases issued by PIB are extremely important from an IAS standpoint. Apart from PIB The daily news analysis by The Hindu is also highly recommended by experts.

History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra Old NCERT is more pertinent in this particular section due to the fact that it covers a wide range of subjects of Medieval History of India. “Brief History of Modern India’ by Spectrum and “Concise History of Modern India’ by Sujata Menon cover a wide range of Modern History syllabus for IAS Prelims Exam.

For this portion applicants must read the book “Facets of Indian Culture” by Spectrum as well as the website of the ‘Centre to Cultural Resources and Teaching’.

The older NCERT solutions are preferred for the study of Indian Geography. In the case of physical Geography Goh Cheng Leong’s “Certificate in Human and Physical Geography’. Human Geography’ is more pertinent. Candidates must study an Oxford School Atlas while studying physical geography. Books that are recommended for study of Indian Polity include the ‘Indian Polity by Lakshmikanthan and ‘An Introduction to the Indian Constitution from D. D. Base and ‘The Constitution for India written by P. M. Bashir. Alongside the books above, which are standard that are required for Indian Polity, the IAS aspirant should complete the older NCERT textbooks of Indian Polity.

For the fundamental concepts and terminology of economics, the NCERT books suffice for IAS Preparation. | Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

It is crucial to master at the Macroeconomics Class 12th textbook by NCERT since it covers the fundamental terms of an economy that are beneficial in understanding the development and growth of the country. For more study on Indian Economy, most recommended books include ‘Indian Economy composed by Ramesh Singh, ‘Indian Economy from Mishra and Puri and the specific information in Economic Survey.

These study guides contain a lot of information and therefore, candidates need to be careful when preparing especially in preparation for exam IAS Prelims Exam. To prepare for The Economic Survey, part, every year, we offer the Indian Economy Quiz that is based in our Economic Survey of the respective year.

In for this portion, IAS aspirants must stick to daily newspapers as the questions that are asked in the Science & the Technology section of the IAS Prelims Exam, are usually focused on the current news.

The NCERT books for the 9th and 10th classes can also be recommended. As a source of IAS Prelims Preparation but are not essential.

To prepare for in the Environment and Ecology Section of the exam, IAS candidates must study the study materials offered by NIOS. Additionally, aspirants must keep an eye on the projects for development that are being undertaken by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, and the United Nations’ UNFCCC.

The study of daily newspaper articles on a daily basis can help students. Prepare in the preparation of Current Affairs for the IAS Prelims Exam. Particularly in this section. We offer a wealth of study materials to help you prepare for the current affairs exam every day. We offer a constant Current Questions Quiz, as well as analysis-based articles on issues that are extremely relevant to IAS preparation.

The General Studies CSAT II of the IAS Prelims Exam covers subjects like English Comprehension, Logical Reasoning and Analytical ability. Mathematics, and Decision Making. Since that the Paper II CSAT has been designated as qualifying only. Candidates must tailor their preparation so that they will score at the least 40-50 marks with ease. But just 33% marks are needed to pass to take the Paper II CSAT.

The texts to be included in this chapter are typically found in standard journals and newspapers. The idea of buying a book specifically for this particular section is a waste of money.

Therefore, you should stick to magazines such as Yojana, Kurukshetra. Frontline and the papers like Indian Express, The Hindu, EPW and Live mint. Also, practice the use for Previous Year Question Papers.

For this part, the majority candidates would prefer RS Agrawal. But they must also seek advantage in MK Pandey’s Analytical Thinking. RS Aggarwal has good coverage of various subjects, however, in terms of understanding MK Pandey’s explanations as well as illustrations are far more complex and clearer for assignment writing

IAS candidates should not choose the many books on any topic. They should use traditional books and study material exclusively. They should be focusing on revising their standard books repeatedly instead of looking for a different study material. IOS Course books for classes XI Andi on the topics of Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India, National Movement & Contemporary World and Culture of India.

UPSC Prelims 2021 is going to take place on the 4th October 2021.

To keep track of the civil service examination that is scheduled for the coming year. Applicants can refer to the UPSC 2020 Calendar on the official UPSC website. UPSC Civil Services exam is one of the most difficult examinations in the country.

In the vast array of study resources available in print and online. It is vital that applicants choose the most appropriate books to help with UPSC IAS preparation. AS Toppers suggest that applicants begin their UPSC preparation by studying NCERT books before moving on to the more standard reference books.

It is not enough for candidates to be careful with the UPSC preparatory books. But they should also separate the reading list into Mains and Prelims preparation. Read the UPSC Syllabus for the coming examination for civil services. Aspirants may also download the top UPSC IAS books from the link below to make an easy guide.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will conduct UPSC IAS Mains and Prelims and Mains on June 27, 2021 Candidates who are who are preparing for UPSC are usually confused about which resources they should use. to study to take the EDEN IAS because there are a variety of opinions about the best books for preparing to take EDEN IAS.

To simplify things and to provide guidance so that you. Don’t lose your time looking for the most effective study materials to help you with your IAS preparation. We’ve put together the top IAS books to help you prepare for. The UPSC CSE Mains as well as Prelim’s exam.


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