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14 Beautiful diy home decor ideas that looks expensive

You know those beautiful, expensive home decor items that you see on Pinterest and think, “I won’t!” but then realize how much they cost and decide not to buy? How many times have you found yourself in a furniture store and had to wonder if what you were looking at was worth the price tag? I know that for me, it’s always been an issue. When I’ve looked at furniture stores, there are these gorgeous pieces of art, but they’re priced so high! That is why today we will be talking about some beautiful DIY home decor ideas that look expensive. These projects are simple enough for anyone to do on their own time and budget without breaking the bank. 

Dye an Old Rug

Recycling and re dying old materials is a trend that has been happening for years now. The most creative DIY project is to take your old area rugs and dye them your desired color. All you need is some fabric paint, water, and dish soap to create this beautiful masterpiece! This project costs only about $15-20, depending on how big your rug needs to be or how many rugs you need to dye at once.

Decorate With Flowers

Flowers are not just for the outdoors. They have a place in your home too! They can be used as decorating pieces such as vases or frames with flowers inside them and hung on walls where people can see them. You could also use small white roses arrangements to decorate a table or counter in your home. Moreover, This is a cheaper way to add some color and unique pieces to your space.Here you can also check Most beautiful flowers in the world

Create a Gallery Wall

The simplest way to spice up any wall in your house is by framing old pictures you have taken from throughout time! It’s an easy, affordable, and creative idea to cheer up a simple wall. Frame your photos or stick the printed photos on the wall by taping them up with some scotch tape.

Create a Wall of Your Favorite Things

Another creative idea for walls is to create a wall of your favorite things! Use different objects you love and display them on the wall from left to right or top to bottom, whatever looks best to you. This could include your favorite photo, a vase with colorful flowers, or a Unique Frame. One unique way to jazz up a wall is by purchasing an oversized frame and using it as the focal point for your room. If you have enough empty walls, try finding some more decorative frames than traditional ones and hang them on every wall! This will be something different in the space without being too expensive or overwhelming.

Use Your Child’s Artwork on the Wall

This is a great way to showcase your child’s work without having to cover up the whole wall in their artwork. Instead, you can place it strategically so that when people walk into your home, they’ll notice them immediately. It will make for some conversation starters, but you can always change them out every so often to keep it fresh.

Add a Puzzle Piece Rug

This is an easy way to add some fun and color! A puzzle piece rug will look great in any room of your house, especially if it’s on the floor by the door so that you can see it immediately when you walk in. You can also use these rugs in the kid’s play area as kids’ rugs. Besides color, they can add texture and comfort.

Buy Vintage Items

You don’t have to spend on a new piece of furniture. Instead, search for vintage items and give them some love by cleaning them up and refinishing the wood with some fresh paint or varnish. You can find beautiful pieces on different websites at affordable rates.

Paint Your Furniture

You’ll be surprised how much you can make that basic dresser look like something from Pottery Barn with just some masking tape. Add your personal touch by painting on top of whatever is already there. When looking for a color, choose a paint that matches the furniture’s original or complimentary colors. It is a great way to create a new look without spending too much money on it and making your space feel fresher than before.

Find New Uses for Old Items

You don’t need to invest in expensive pieces of furniture every time you move into a new home. Try to find something new with old items that you may have lying around the house or apartment for a more minimalistic look. Get creative by looking at everyday objects and think of ways they could be used as home decor instead of what they were originally intended for. Use an old door as a headboard in your bedroom, transform those clay pots into a planter, or use an old drawer as a lamp.

Add Pillows In Bold Colors

There are a lot of ideas for decorating pillows and cushions. You can use them to add color and texture or go for a calming neutral look. Either way, adding pillows will give your space a more cozy feel without going too deep into the decorating process. Use different sizes, shapes, and textures of cushions on couches or chairs in your living room for an easy update that doesn’t take up much time.

A Customized Mirror

customized mirrors are an awesome idea for a home decorating project. Frame a larger mirror or repaint the old frame. You can also opt for mirrored wall stickers to create an interesting focal point in your living space.

Painted Lampshades

If you are a creative person and want to share this with other people, painting lamp shades is an excellent idea for home decorating purposes. Paint the shade of your existing lamps or purchase new ones that have already been painted by someone else!

Vintage Vases

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your home decorating skills, this is just what we need! Purchase vintage vases at flea markets or online and fill them with fresh flowers, bamboo shoots, leaves, etc. This will instantly improve the appearance of any room.

In Conclusion

 To conclude, we’ve given you 14 beautiful DIY home decor ideas that look expensive but are very easy to make. Give these a try and have fun with your creativity! We hope this article has helped provide some inspiration for the design of your next room or project. Let us know about our list by leaving comments below. As always, if there is anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. Have a creative day! Now it’s time for one final call-to-action. Get Your Rug From RugKnots! And cheer up the interior of your home at pocket-friendly rates.

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