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5 best universities for international students in Canada

Do you have one hidden urge to study in the best universities in Canada? If yes, then there are some remarkable universities in Canada that can easily offer you a wide variety of opportunities to study and possibly work in Canada. From beautiful landscapes to remarkable universities, you will get all possible things that can majorly help you convert your dreams into reality. A wide variety of international students keeps Canadian universities on their top list for their higher education. Do you have any idea why they basically do that? No right! 

This is highly because the prominent universities of Canada hold great dominance over all the universities in the world. These universities are well efficient in offering the best quality of education, research lectures, practicals and more.  In this blog, we have compiled up a list of a few top universities in Canada that are excellent options for all the internal students. These universities have remarkable course structures that can become one of the prime reasons for you to pick them. For gathering deep information leave all your work aside and connect with the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar.

 Few top universities of Canada

Read attentively so that you can dig down deep information that can majorly help you select the best university in Canada. Here you can also check best places to visit in Canada

  •   McMaster University 

This wonderful university has 140th rank in the entire world. It is a 129 years old university and it basically runs to make students better day by day. This university is located in the city of Hamilton, a post city in the province of Ontario. Without a doubt, this particular university is usually known as the third most research-intensive university in the entire country. Myriads of international students usually pick their university to learn a wide variety of aspects about a certain program. 

McMaster University is widely famous for its well-known health science and biochemistry sciences program. This university has a total population of 24000 students including 4600 international students. The university has a marvellous campus on the banks of Lake Ontario which is highly famous among international students. If you want more information about this university then take out some time and connect with the best Canada visa consultant.

  • Montreal university 

It is one of the most famous universities in the entire world. This particular university currently holds a worldwide rank of 137. One of the remarkable features of this university is that it is always known as a francophone institution. Moreover, You will learn most of the programs in the french language. Studying at this university will give you an upper hand over learning the french language.

You can add this one language to your resume. It is often seen that some of the graduate courses that are extremely popular in this university are internal security, actuarial studies, psychology and so on.  Moreover, there is no doubt in stating that the city of Montreal is always ranked as the best city of Canada. So, if you want to study at this university then book your seat with the help of the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar.

  • University of Toronto

 This university of Canada has the 29th rank in the entire world. This particular university came into existence in the year 1827 by the Royal Charter. This is one of the oldest universities in the entire world. This particular university successfully made some of the biggest contributions to the entire world. Moreover, it is thus no wonder that this university receives lots of scientific research from any Canadian institution. This university has a population of 74000, including over 24000 international students. The best courses of this university are Pharmacology and Pharmacy. This is the perfect platform that can majorly help you pursue a wide variety of courses. 

  • McGill University 

This university has a global ranking of 35 and a national ranking of 2. It came into existence in the year 1821 by the Royal charter to help students learn myriads of courses. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the entire world. The courses of the university are frequently chosen by most of the students so that they can highly help the students to convert their dream into reality.

Most of the students usually pick this university to pursue higher courses.The location of McGill University is the world’s sixth-best city for all international universities. Moreover, the bonus thing about this university is its cultural diversity, general infrastructure, safety and security. If you want to take assistance from a reliable source then link with the best Canada visa consultant.

  • University of British Columbia 

 The UBC university is one of the Canadian top and prominent universities. Moreover, this university ranked 51st in the entire world. It came into existence in the year 1908 to provide students with an authentic education. The UBC has 55000 students in total and has 14550 international students. The students usually visit this place because this university has a great name all over the world.

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