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How to come up with brand name that stands out? (7 Easy Tips)

The name of any business is as crucial as all other branding aspects, including custom logo design and interactive website. People say that logo leaves a lasting impression on people who visit your business for the first time, that’s right, but it’s a name that makes them visit your online or brick-and-mortar store.

Always keep in mind that it’s a name that always stays in people’s minds. Think of your ideal personality that admires you. The first thing that comes to your mind is his or her name instead of the face. Similarly, when it comes to a favorite brand, it’s the name that immediately clicks in mind.

For instance, when you need a pair of shoes, which brand comes to your mind? Most of you will say Nike or Adidas or any brand’s name you love. But no one of you will start explaining the logo. It’s the power of the name. So, you need to be very smart and careful while choosing a name for your brand. Once you finalized the name and start marketing your products or services with that name, you can’t change it. You can make adjustments to your custom logo design, but you can’t change the name.

Here are the tips that will help entrepreneurs to come up with a business name that stands out in the marketplace.

Tips to Come Up with an Effective Brand Name

Following are the vital tips that you should consider while selecting a name for your business.

Take Help from Online Business Name Generator

Today, there’s nothing that’s not available online. There are many tools available out there when it comes to generating company names. However, to get the best results, you need to brainstorm about certain things like what exactly your business is and the term that defines your business. You need to consider these factors and a few other ones during the process of coming up with the name of your business.

Once you get the right keywords regarding your business, type them in your favorite business name generator, and it’ll give you plenty of options. You can filter the choices as your requirements, but whatever you do, make sure that your final name clearly communicates with the audience about your brand.

For instance, if you’re a company that sells custom logo design services or other branding services, you may type words like ‘logo design,’ custom design,’ ‘branding,’ or ‘web design services.’

Keep It Simple

If you go for a complicated name, it will negatively impact your brand recognition process. People will find it difficult to remember your brand name and go to your competitor’s store when they need products or services you’re selling.

So, it’s crucial to keep your business name simple and easy to spell. The simpler the name is, the easier it becomes to memorize it. Think of brands like Starbucks, Nike, Apple, Samsung, Pepsi, and other giants. All these names are easy to pronounce and spell.

Try Mashups

Sometimes, combining two words is the best option to come up with a 100% original and striking name. Netflix (internet and flicks) and Instagram (instant camera and telegram) are the best examples of mashup brand names. You can also try mashup to get out-of-the-name for your brand.

All you need to do is to start combining the words that resonate with your brand. If your company offers multiple services, mashup will work best for you. For example, if you’re looking to launching a design agency that provides custom logo design services and other branding services, you can try combinations of different terms.

Make it Scalable

While deciding your company’s name, make sure that it must be scalable because you don’t want to limit your growth as a business owner. In addition, every entrepreneur wants to be recognized on an international level. So, make sure that your business doesn’t become a hurdle in the future when you decide to launch a new product or introduce a new service.

If you’re opening a design agency that will currently sell only custom logo design services, but you want to include other services in the future, don’t come up with a name that includes ‘logo.’ Make sure that your company name is broad.

Name That Audience Connects With

A great name is one with whom the audience can resonate and give customers feel that this company can offer the perfect solution. We’re not saying that your brand name should convey what you’re doing exactly, but it must give some hints about your products and services that click your target audience. Your name has an essence that evokes a particular feeling, emotion, or interest.

Go for Acronyms if Possible

There will be quite a few people out there who may know that BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works or H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz. It indicates the power of acronyms when it comes to picking a business name. Analyze if your brand’s name makes an acronym that sounds cool.

Don’t Fall in Trend Trap

In this fast-paced world, you don’t know when today’s trend becomes yesterday’s news. So, while picking a name for your brand, keep yourself away from trends. It’s a trap that top brands didn’t fall into. Get some inspiration from the world’s leading brands and find out the history of their names.

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