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How to get cheap G-Suite plan for our business to get more sales

Google suite shortly known as G -Suite is a powerful way to improve your organization’s efficiency.

 G-Suite has been in the market for a lot of time now and a lot of people in the market love it. It is a helpful and useful tool as well.

G-suite helps your business in a lot of ways. It enables better coordination, so that all the work of your organization can go buttery smooth. It helps you to schedule your time better.

Scheduling is an important feature which is accomplished by G-Suite with the help of Calendar. Now calendar is famously known as Google calendar and is used a lot by many companies. It has a wide variety of useful features.

G-Suite features are not limited to only Google calendar or some others. It has a broad array of features which coexist to make the life of businesses and their employees easier.

It is based and designed and manufactured keeping in mind all the things and problems that businesses face in their day-to-day operations. This makes G-Suite as optimal choice for large scale operations or for long distance businesses.

Now, when it comes to the getting or using G-Suite for your business enterprise. The first thing that comes into mind is to how much the G- Suite services cost you.

Cost is a huge factor when it comes to buying. And the same goes for buying G- Suite. Any business or business person would think twice before buying an expensive product.

But to your surprise G Suite comes in various configurations and pay packages. And all these are of different cost.

Generally speaking, G Suite starts from free (under some special circumstances) and the basics thing starts from a few bucks and goes up high according to your specific demands.

Mostly the bigger and the more expensive packages are picked by big MNC’s because they are the ones that use G Suite the most.

Here are some of the tips with which you can get your G-Suite for cheap prices-

Get the Basic Edition of G suite

To get the prices down for you, you just need to take some simple steps. All you need to do is to opt for basic edition of G Suite.

The basic edition of G Suite is much cheaper in comparison to other plans. If you have a small business and you want buy G-Suite for your business need, you should definitely check this plan offered by Google.

G Suite basic edition is one of the best sellers of G suite plans for the year of 2020. This gives the general idea of how much better this plan is in the terms of price to value.

Add only needed features

There are a lot of features that you can get with Google suite. And if you even forgot to add something while buying G-Suite, there are no reasons to worry about at all.

You can add any feature that you like or want to use for your business anytime you want. But keep in mind that these additional features come at a price point.

So, you only need to add the features that will actually be helpful to you in some way or another. Otherwise keep you money safe in you bank and get only what you need.

Don’t get too many users

Google suite comes with a user limit. This user limit is varying for various plans offered by Google. You should choose the plan which suites the best for you.

If you have extra members than what Google offers in their initial plans, you have to pay some additional money in order to be feasible to all those members.

So be wise and only choose the people which are absolutely the most needed to be on G Suite.

Try personal

This is not a business advice. If you are not a business person or you run your business on your own. Or you get to that you need not connect any employee in your business to the G- Suite business.

Or maybe you are a sole proprietor and you need G Suite for only yourself then you should definitely try the G Suite personal plan.

This plan is specifically for personal users and is a reliable and effective plan as well.

Downgrade your business plan to basic

This tip solely focuses on cutting your business wants to make them downgrade until you reach you absolute necessities (not always recommended). If you are already a business user of Google suite and you want to save money then you should try to downgrade your plan to a basic plan. This tip alone will save you a lot of cash.

Try third party vendors

If you have tried everything and nothing tends to work you can always go to the third-party vendors. Sometimes they give you discounts or some other complimentary offers. This can also help you save some of your cash.


G-Suite is a utility which is useful for most of the business out in the market. But the thing that keeps them from buying it is the cost.

Most of the businesses think of it as a very expensive commodity. But that is not true. If you choose to buy only what you need you will not have to pay heavy prices.

This makes your whole idea of being costly outdated. You should only connect the people you need on your G Suite as this also helps a lot to save your precious money.

And other than that, if you are not a business user or you want G -Suite for your personal work or you are a sole proprietor then you should opt for G -Suite’s personal plans.

These plans are cost effective as well. And the most importantly, always try third party vendors as sometimes they will give you some discount on G -Suite when Google isn’t.

As a conclusive statement we can say that it is easy to get G- Suite for cheap.

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