Tricks to take you one step ahead in bank exam preparation

Tricks to Take You One Step Ahead in Bank Exam Preparation

Banking jobs are the most sought-after jobs by graduated individuals as they provide remunerative vocation and several amenities. Every year lakhs of candidates apply for jobs in the private and public sector, where private banks select employees on the basis of education qualification as well as personal interview and public banks recruit by conducting several examinations.

There are mainly three banking bodies that conduct examinations for recruiting employees to public bank i.e. RBI, IBPS,SBI. There are millions of candidates who try hard while preparing for bank exams such as bank PO, bank SO and bank clerk etc. 

Are you wondering how to start preparing for bank exams? Here we have bag of tricks that will keep you one step ahead in bank preparation:

The most common myth among candidates is that banking exams are hard to crack in the first attempt but they should note one thing that smart work and determination are anti-dot to failure. Those who have set their eyes on bank jobs should roll up their sleeves and start with a strategic exam preparation. 

1. Know the Exam Pattern and Exam Syllabus

The first and foremost step one has to take before starting preparation for a bank exam is to gather information regarding exam syllabus and exam pattern. Once you will get well informed with the syllabus and pattern of exam, it will help in preparing a proper study plan. It is advisable to prepare as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus. The most common  sections of every banking exam are english, general knowledge, quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning. 

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2. Reliable Study Material

Another important task while preparing for the exam is to gather appropriate study material. Candidates are advised to avoid pilling up unnecessary books and study material as it will create confusion. There are many websites and online sources that provide relevant study material for bank jobs that can help them while preparing for exams.  

3. Device a Strategic Study Plan

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing”- Dale carnegie. This quote clearly states the importance of planning to accomplish any goal. Strategic planning is the first step to start smart work and preparation as it can help you concentrate on the most and least important part of the exam. Candidates are suggested to make study plans regardless of the fact that they are working professionals or students. 

4. Make Notes Daily

The habit of making notes can help candidates to memorize the information easily and with no time. Moreover, making notes regularly helps them store the important information at one place that can help them in giving bird’s eye view during the last hours. It is advisable to candidates to make notes of theory and mathematical formulas  as it can help in revision.

5. Practice Online Mock Tests

Candidates are recommended to practice online mock tests as it will help them test their speed and accuracy. Every bank exam has three or four sections with time constraints, so it is important for candidates to test their knowledge, speed and accuracy on a daily basis. Practicing online mock tests will help them analyze their stronger and weaker areas that can assist candidates in improving their exam preparation. Apart from this, start practising your state language on tools like ISM Malayalam. This will give you an upper edge over the competitors. 

6. Keep Yourself Updated with Current Affairs and General Awareness

We are all well acquainted with the fact that like every government exam, bank exams also have a general awareness section. Candidates should make a habit of reading newspapers daily to enhance their general knowledge. There are various apps available on android and mobile phones that can keep you updated with all the recent news regarding government policies. 

7. Coaching is Optional

There are several candidates who rely on self-study while preparing for the bank exam. In case any candidate who needs extra nourishment while preparing for the bank exam can join a coaching institute. Do you want to beef up your efficiency while preparing for the PO exam? If yes, join a renowned institute that provides the best coaching for Bank PO in Delhi.

8. Give Equal Importance to Every Section

Candidates who aspire to clear a bank exam in one fell swoop should prepare every section with equal efforts. There are many candidates who give importance to a single section and waste their maximum time preparing for it. It is advisable to give proper time and efforts to every section of the exam. 

9. Stay Motivated and Focused

There are many candidates who start their preparation with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm but negative situations wash away this energy. Candidates are suggested to remain calm, focused and motivated while preparing for exam. They can boost their motivation by listening to inspiring podcasts, meeting successful people and watching encouraging videos on youtube. 

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There are countless graduates who apply for various banking jobs every year, where government banks recruit employees by conducting exams for several designations. Aspiring candidates break their backs while preparing for the exam but still remain unsuccessful because of ineffective planning and inconsistent hard work. The tips and tricks mentioned above can help you remain one step ahead in Bank exam preparation. 


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