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Gaming smartphones you should be looking for in 2021 on EMI

In current times, smartphones are not just used to make phone calls but are used for clicking pictures or listening to music. These days the community of gamers is using smartphones as their gaming consoles. The trend of mobile gaming is not a recent one but has been there for a while. No matter how many advanced phones have come into the market, people still use phones like Vivo Y95 to play games. 

Even the Vivo V20 pro price is excellent, and it is a new phone in the market for gaming purposes. However, gamers prefer playing advanced games, which requires smartphones with advanced-level processors. Here is a list of great gaming phones that gamers can use in 2021 on easy EMIs.

OnePlus 8 Pro

This smartphone from OnePlus has various features that are great for gaming purposes. It has the latest advanced-level processor Snapdragon 865 SoC. With a strong processor like this, one can play heavy games like Fortnite and expect smooth graphics. The 120 Hz AMOLED screen on this phone allows the user to perform better when playing any game. The screen size of this mobile phone is also good for enjoying the gaming experience. Since the games have high power consumption, the 4510mAh battery also makes things super convenient.

OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8t is cheaper than the 8 Pro but equally suitable for gaming purposes. The credit goes to the same processor Snapdragon 865, in both smartphones. Also, the display refresh rate on both phones is 120 Hz, because of which playing any game is altogether a different experience. The screen size on OnePlus 8T is flat, and most gamers prefer that. The One Plus 8T charging speed is 65-watt, which is a plus point for mobile game lovers.

One Plus Nord

Gamers looking for a smartphone for gaming and have concerns about the budget; the OnePlus Nord is the phone to buy in 2021. The processor here is Snapdragon 765G which is decent enough to play any heavy games. One can switch to medium graphics and can indeed run any serious game without lags. The screen size is also decent. It is good to play games and too good to fit in hands comfortably. In this category, the Vivo V20 Pro price is the same with a similar specification.

Asus ROG Phone III

This smartphone is purely for gaming purposes. It has the top gaming processor, Snapdragon 865+, and 12GB RAM. No matter how long a user plays any game on this phone, seeing a lag is impossible. The refresh rate of the screen on ROG III is 144, and that can take the gaming experience to the next level. To make gaming comfortable, the design of the phone is also made differently. The charging port is on the side. This prevents the charging cable from disturbing the gamer while the phone is plugged in. Also, the user will not have to charge the phone often as the battery is 6000mAh. 

Samsung Galaxy F62

This smartphone by Samsung has a decent processor for gaming but has a massive battery of 7000mAh. This makes this phone perfect for people who love gaming. Even if that drains out, the 25-watt fast charging support can get the smartphone ready for playing games in a short duration. The other specs of the phone are also decent enough to give the gamers an overall excellent gaming experience. If you are looking to buy this phone online then browse the online shopping sites and bring it home on easy EMI of Bajaj Finserv.

Vivo Y95

This smartphone is perfect for gamers who like to play basic mobile phone games and have a lower price tag than other phones. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor on this phone makes playing light games a delight. If a person plays games on a smartphone once a day for less than 2 hours, buying this Vivo mobile will be a good choice. 

Vivo V20 Pro

Vivo V20 Pro price and specifications are almost the same as OnePlus Nord. One can choose to buy anyone from both phones, but OnePlus Nord may have a lesser availability in the market. In such cases, for the same gaming experience, V20 Pro can do the same job. Also, it is quite a new phone on the market. 

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