Rolex, patek philippe & audemars piguet: watches of justin bieber

Introducing luxury watches of the pop star Justin Bieber

of From ‘Baby’ baby-faced singer to the sleek ‘Believe’ pop star, the world has seen him grow up into a pop star over the last decade. Sometimes you have spotted him moustachioed, sometimes mangy-haired. Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer and songwriter, has risen to fame as a teen idol. And, today, he is one of the world’s most popular music artists.. Here we will discuss about the watches of the pop star Justin Bieber.

However, over the years, trends changes, our style changes, and so do our accessories, including watches we treasure. Along with music and haircuts, Bieber’s style matured. Gone are the days when bulky plastic G-Shocks accompanied him on the red carpet. Today, his everyday standard watch includes a yellow gold Rolex Daytona – a luxury watch that is ideally every collector’s dream.

Please continue reading to look at the Canadian pop star’s exclusive luxury watch collection that indeed defines his taste, fame, and status.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The yellow gold Rolex Daytona has been a significant part of Justin Bieber’s life since 2010. Interestingly, it was the first luxury timepiece his fans spotted him wearing on his wrists. Bieber purchased the solid 18ct yellow Rolex Daytona when he was only 19years old. And he yet loves to strap it on his wrist to date.

Thanks to the diamond hour markers on the champagne dial, the watch looks exceptionally striking, elegant and luxurious. The Daytona is among the cornerstone collections in the Rolex’s catalogue. The leading Swiss watchmaker has made several upgrades to the series but retained the original aesthetic, design and style that earned the iconic status that the Daytona enjoys to date.

Suppose you sell a Rolex Daytona today to any potential watch buyers. In that case, you can expect to secure a premium price for it, especially if it is in excellent working condition and retains its original paperwork.

The 18ct yellow gold Daytona is undoubtedly one of the most coveted watches globally, and the diamond markers boost its glamour and value.

Rolex Day-Date President

The first proper timepiece that accompanied the Canadian singer during his shimmering career is the Rolex Day-Date President. The watch exhibits sheer opulence and glam. It features baguette-shaped diamonds on its champagne dial and round-shaped diamonds on the 18ct yellow gold bezel.

The watch undeniably suited Bieber when he preferred wearing boldly coloured, pretty queer suit jackets with its sleeves rolled up and had a carefully crafted hairstyle. However, for unversed, the Rolex Day-Date is also referred to as Rolex President, mainly for two reasons.

One, the Rolex Day-Date, sports the iconic President bracelet. Secondly, it has braced the wrists of many world leaders and top-rated celebrities. Eventually, people recognise the Day-Date as a symbol of success. And initially, the model appealed more to the older gentlemen with its classic elegance. Today, it has become the watch of choice for successful, young personalities like Justin Bieber.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

You may find Bieber’s timepieces to be surprisingly modest, keeping in mind that he is a multimillionaire pop star. Now, after taking a look at his beloved Nautilus model, your opinion may change. Justin Bieber owns a Patek Philippe Nautilus embellished with two hundred and fifty-five (255) diamonds. Incredible!

There are diamonds and diamonds all over the timepiece – on the dial, bezel and even the bracelet. The multimillionaire Canadian star may not possess many extravagant timepieces in his collection. However, this £218,235 Patek Philippe Nautilus alone makes up the deficiency.

Rolex Datejust 41

For the music album ‘Popstar’ for Drake’s single and DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber presented himself as the video’s star. Perhaps no one else could have presented the song so well, like the famous pop star. However, Bieber exhibited a full-on 1980s glam and chose a Datejust to match his killer look.

His Rolex Datejust features a 41mm case and a sunburst grey dial with Roman numerals. The Datejust 41 with a rare and coveted ‘Wimbledon’ dial and green numerals fits the bill of those who want a toned-down option.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

This is one of his current favourite watches. When Justin Bieber got hitched with his wife Hailey Baldwin, he presented himself a vintage Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. It is a 1977 edition crafted of 18ct yellow gold and sports a silver tapisserie dial. This iconic timepiece with a minimalistic design would be an excellent addition to any serious watch collections.

Nonetheless, people cherish and revere the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak for its octagonal case, exposed screws, waffle, or tapisserie patterned dial. AP introduced the Royal Oak in 1976 as the first-ever luxury sports timepiece crafted of steel. And nearly all editions are highly sought-after among collectors today.

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