Step by Step Guide to Find Genuine UGG Boots Online

Step by Step Guide to Find Genuine UGG Boots Online

Are you looking for the branded boots online? Have you shortlisted UGG boots to buy? If yes, then you have pointed at the right and the most trusted brand manufacturing boots. Generally, popular brands face duplicate copy crunch in the market. The duplicate of the popular brands is offered at a low price than the original one. It attracts the buyers who are charmed by the brand and tend to make a wrong purchase.

Step by Step Guide to Find Genuine UGG Boots Online

Wrong purchase leaves you nowhere and you feel cheated yet eager to get the genuine product either way. There are certain ways in which one can get genuine UGG boots online. Let us discuss the ideal steps to follow to find genuine UGG boots online.

1. Source from the Authorised Retailers

It is highly recommended to buy UGG boots from authorized retailers such as the official UGG website, DSW, Nordstrom, Zappos, and Amazon. You can buy some economical styles on sale through Nordstrom Rack as they keep floating lucrative offers from time to time.

2. Find the Official Website

Explore the internet and get the official website link. UGG boots are visible at Click on the link and register yourself as a buyer.

3. Confirm the Safety Features

The everlasting battle against imitation has impelled UGG to install security features on UGG boots. There are special labels and stickers that should be checked while exploring the product in the website product line. It is the best and reliable means to guarantee the genuineness of the product.

4. Check the Labels and Packaging

UGG uses security features on its labels and packaging in the form of a holographic sun logo that alters from black to white when rotated at 90 degrees. It is advisable to check the logo as and when you receive the courier of UGG Boots. If the left shoe of your pair of UGG shoes is having a sewn-in size/materials label, which should be on the foil strip on the label at the right behind.

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In case there is no sew-in-label, a security sticker must be on the sole of the left shoe. The shoebox must also have the same security sticker is as on the shoe sole. Make a thorough check before using them.

5. Look for the Label Showing from Where They Are Made From

The genuine UGG boots are labeled as “Made In China” and ‘Made in Vietnam as these were launched by these countries. For the last few years, the genuine UGG Boots are being manufactured by Deckers Outdoor Corporation centered in China Vietnam, Cambodia, The Philippines, The Dominican Republic, and the U.S. Besides these countries, if any other name is mentioned in made from label then it means those are fake shoes.

6. Examine the Packaging

Women UGG boots come in a strapping box made of sturdy cardboard stuff. It is generally seen in one piece box with a flipping top lid but some got packaging with two-piece boxes having a removable lid.

Besides these features, you should also check the booklet, card with logo, or hologram of UGG or I Heart UGG. These logos should be printed visibly on thick paper in ink. These should appear original and not scanned or blurry.


Look for these features while making a purchase of genuine UGG boots online. You may order from any of the available sources mentioned above. Do follow these steps to check the originality of the product to get the right price for your money. Hope you will get the original UGG boots in your next purchase as and when you feel like buying for yourself or to gift any of your dear ones!!!!

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